Prep In Pastels

Pre-grocery shopping, mentally preparing myself for the cold. Let it be over soon...

Wearing an old wool/cashmere coat from H&M  –  Cashmere sweater from H&M  –  Jeans from FILIPPA K  –  Sneakers from ADIDAS.

Passion For Pink

Hello Monday! Is it just me loving this first day of the week? It always makes me feel so excited and full of energy, ready to tackle both work and my to-do list.

This week I'm getting that thumb out and finally order these two lip thingies from ILIA. I really love a classic red lip and doesn't want to comprise on the quality, which in my case means natural and non toxic ingredients. This brand does live up to my standards so I'm looking forward to try them out.

 And speaking of trying out... Ok, sorry for the silly choice of words now, but can you imagine my shock when my bf (even more silly that it was him of everyone) who told me there was a new YSL mascara out! The Shock, it's called and apparently it's said to be even better(!) than the original The Shocking. Love its black and rosé pink packaging and can't wait to try this one either. Guess it's the first time I'm happy I'm running out of mascara, haha.

Loved by women all over for his iconic perfumes, Narciso Rodriguez just recently launched a new perfume to his sought-after collection – Fleur Musc and as the name tells, I predict this can be a real joy for the nose!

Oh, and pink in general... I've fallen completely in love with this color. Somehow it makes me so happy. It's even so serious that I've been considering painting a few walls in this color! And scrolling through the style star Linn Eklund's Instagram feed makes my heart skip even further. Check out to see yourself. Time will tell if I'm brave enough to buy that bucket...

Hot Hero

If you follow me on Instagram (@saemlstaint) you might have seen my latest post of what I'm up to this week? Well, if not I've finally decided to bite the bullet and start cleaning out my closet. This time with no mercy, at all. It was a bit hard at first, putting away those things I have so many memories with. Yes, I'm pretty sentimental, but on the other hand it felt so refreshing when I once got going.

In the middle of all this chaos I realized how many shirts, jackets and pants I never bother to use. Not that I don't like them, quite the opposite, but for the simple reason of laziness and the fact that I don't bring out the iron and spend half an hour of my time to make these pieces decent and wearable. I frankly don't. And who really does, I wonder? Thinking of it makes me sad. It's crazy even. So, last night I promised myself (and all my fabric friends) – this has to end. I'm investing in a steamer!

Lately I've read and heard a lot of positive things about the Swedish company The Steamery. This is their travel steamer – a handheld hero ready to do its job in just 25 seconds! Small, light and easy to use. Just like I want it. So, once and for all; those unworn stunners gonna see the sunlight and I guess this white wonder is the one preparing them for their premiere!

Cirrus Handsteamer from THE STEAMERY.

You're A Star

The last couple of weeks I've been totally obsessed with everything astrological and how the sun, moon and the entire solar system affect our beings and behaviors. Every since I was I kid I've been mesmerized by the stars and what's out there. I nearly even applied to the Space Science high school in Kiruna, but changed my mind because it was so far away from home. Anyhow there's something appealing with not knowing, don't you think? It triggers our mind and imagination, makes us dream, but also question who and what we really are. Though there are times in life when we feel lost and blank. Like no one understands us, not even ourself sometimes. These moments you should always remember that there's no coincidence that you became the one you are. It's all written in the stars and if we're willing to it can give us guidance and clarity to move forward and become the best version of the one we are meant to be. For new perceptions and knowledge about yourself and the people around you I really recommend you to check out

How To Keep Skin
Hydrated Through The Winter

We're right in the middle of it and let's face it - we'll be kept in its grip for three more month, more or less. I'm talking about the dreadful winter.

Harsh winds, temperatures below zero and dry indoor air. Fresh and beautiful by all means now when the sun is (finally) out, but the downside is how bad it can impact our skin. That glowy summer complexion is replaced by unflattering cracks and scales. Just writing it makes me shiver...

Luckily there are a few tricks to thwart the aforementioned. This is what I do:

Ok, this isn't latest news. We all know it, but do we really practice what we preach? To be honest I always tend to forget. I'm no fan of pure cold water. A cup of herbal tea/hot lemon water is more me, but that's more or less the same I suppose. Just remember to be a little extra careful with caffeinated drinks such as coffee and black tea as they are diuretic. So bottoms up, babes!

Same goes here. The outside is a reflection of your inside. Pretty simple when you think of it. Indulge in watery foods such as soups, vegetable, fruits, berries and good healthy fats. Avoid eating too much salty, dry and crunchy food as these will soak up more of the necessary moisture.

Do you slather the same cream on all year round? Think again. As the weather changes so does our skin. A lightweight lotion might do the job in the summer, but in a cold climate your skin calls for more. Here a serum comes into play! Unlike a moisturizer that stays on the surface of the skin (due to its bigger molecules) a serum can penetrate all the way down to dermis (where the skin produce its nutrition) and in that way boost, balance and strengthen your skin. If you haven't got any serum – run and buy! It makes ALL the difference.

Moreover, I recommend you to invest and put some extra money in a good skincare routine. Personally I use cleanser, serum, eye cream, lotion and night cream. All natural and organic, of course.

Especially now during the winter it's good to take an extra look at the ingredients. Alcohol and water based products tend to dry skin out. Avoid using if you want to be on the safe side. And last, but not least – stay consistent! Morning and evening. No cheating.

I can't praise it enough. A hot steamy sauna not only do wonders to your skin, but to your whole being. Instead of me writing a Bible about all the benefits, just google it to find out. I have a sauna almost everyday!

As the temperature drops so does the humidity. If you have some real trouble fighting the freezing (and sneezing) you might consider buying a humidifier. Unfortunately I don't have one myself (yet), but it's said to do wonders, especially during winter.

Good luck and may your skin stay smooth and soft! x

PS. Sharing is caring! What are your tricks to a healthy skin? DS.

Friday With Forni

Hola beauties! How are you? Awesome I hope. I definitely am. It's Friday, I just got home from work and my sister is "in town"! And talking about her – look what she got me in birthday present! Jag är inte perfekt, tyvärr (I'm not perfect, unfortunately) by Michaela Forni. I have a feeling there will be a lot of things I can relate to among these pages... So, couch next to find out!

Wishing you a lovely weekend! x

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